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At last we'll discover the truth
confessions of a show queen - the wilderness years

For many years Philip Halpin was the golden boy of the Kenneth More Theatre - he could do no wrong!  He was the "go to" leading man for musicals and plays alike - thrilling the audience with his triple threat talents of dance, song and performance - and then…….he disappeared.  He took his talent and his tap shows and deserted the KMT for 5 long years.  Why did he do it?  Where did he go?  What was he doing? For years rumours swept theatreland that he had been spotted at various glamourous locations across the World.  Now - for the first time - we will find out true story behind those lost years.  Philip will reveal all, in an all singing, no dancing kaleidoscope of tall tale.  At last - we discover the truth behind the wilderness years!


PLEASE NOTE: The Cowan Studio is on the first floor and there is no disabled access

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