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A play of the finest bengali Literature
Juta Abishkar: The Invention of Shoes

The children of Bishwo Shahitto Kendra (BSK) present a colourful musical adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s short poem and an oriental fairytale about the invention of shoes.

Rewritten by Syeda Saima Ahmed, Muhammad Al Jamalee and Himu M Hussain this play is a hilarious presentation of finest Bengali Literature.

Once upon a time when shoes were unheard of, there lived an eccentric King Habuchandra who kept his court busy with whimsical demands. The entire kingdom and the court had to abide by the trivial wants of the King and looked for extreme solutions even it meant destroying nature. So as the King complained about lack of sleep because of the foxes, the ministers finally ordered deforestation. But soon dust became an issue and the King could not bear the dusty situation. Soon a series of hilarious events unfold as the whole kingdom got involved and finally a leather man came up with a solution of the dust. But the King highjacks the credit of the original invention by a clever but poor low-cast cobbler and refusing fame be given to a mere subject. He stopped the truth by imprisoning the cobbler and insists his name to be remembered as the one who invented shoes. Focused on the incompetence of those who govern, the play brings back medieval Bengal recreated through traditional folk theatre Jatra Pala using dance and songs.    


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Adults £10.00, Concessions £6.00, Groups (4 or more) £8.00


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