April 25, 2024

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Halifax Releases “Retirement Home Plan”

Equity release is used as a term for schemes that help a homeowner to secure a good amount of money from their main residence. It is more difficult for individuals who retire and may not have funds to support their needs.

Equity release information has become very popular among citizens who are over the age of 55. There are an increasing number of retirees opting for  equity release solutions. Equity release schemes offer retirees an opportunity to generate money from their property, either a lump sum amount, timely earnings, or in some cases, both.

The equity release providers will require a repayment of the balance to be made within 18 months, this has to be done by the beneficiaries. This gives them enough time to achieve the best sale price on the property to cover the debt & maximise the inheritance for the beneficiaries.

The value of your property and your age are the key factors in the data used in equity release calculator formula. There is no age limit regarding equity release. The older you are, the more you can generate out of your property. This scheme is available for people older than 55 years of age and own their property which usually should be of standard construction & freehold, or leasehold with more than 75 years left remaining on the lease.

Halifax Retirement Home Plan is a scheme which helps people to extract money from their property. It is a type of interest only equity release  mortgage plan where the borrower pays a sum of money to the lender on a monthly basis. It is a useful and easy plan which suits the needs of all perfectly. As mortgages for pensioners seem to be difficult to come by, the Halifax equity release scheme has become a breath of fresh air to many people in retirement.

There are multiple options today that help pensioners to take equity release from their property, however to ensure which scheme is the correct one for your circumstances contact a professional & qualifies advisory service.

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