July 24, 2024

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I’m Missing a Tooth: What are my options?

lost tooth

Common causes

While it is true that most lost teeth are lost by children, some adults have admitted to having a lost tooth at one point in their life.

The average adult in the UK has lost six teeth.

That may seem like a lot as an adult, but common causes are linked to losing a tooth.

  1. Gum disease/Cavities.
  2. Physical injury or trauma.
  3. Poor nutrition/Diabetes. More.
  4. Smoking. For help quitting, see more.
  5. Arthritis.
  6. Hypertension.

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Repairing missing teeth

Getting treatment for a missing tooth is more straightforward than it may seem.

With the development of new dental technology, a missing tooth is a thing of the past.

Root Canals are the best way to prevent missing teeth issues and can be simple and affordable for the patient – see why.

Try not to panic

When people realise they have lost a tooth, they may immediately start to panic.

They may think it’s something that can’t be treated, or it may be a sign of something more serious like gum disease or oral cancer.

The most important thing is: do not panic.

It’s probably nothing; it might be a slight pain that will go away on its own.

Another simple way of restoring missing teeth is tooth implants – most predominantly the all-on-four procedure.

“The great thing about All-on-4 is that the human eye will barely be able to spot that the new teeth in your mouth are not your own or even natural; you might even forget this fact yourself.” Source.

Either way, do not ignore having a lost tooth.

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What happens if I ignore gaps?

Not fixing a missing tooth can be very dangerous for the patient.

  • When a tooth is lost, all of the natural roots linked to the patient’s jawbone disappear.
  • Dental bones also don’t grow back, and this will cause a bone density change within six months of tooth loss.
  • Nearby teeth of the missing one can have a higher risk of tooth decay.
  • There can also be difficulty experienced with the patient’s speech and eating food.

These are some of the risks associated with not replacing a missing tooth.

There are multiple health factors linked to having a missing tooth.

That’s why it’s crucial to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible to protect and preserve the oral state.

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